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Birth Injuries

Birth Injury Lawsuits in
Rhode Island and Connecticut

The miracle of birth is also a physiological process that poses a serious risk of injury to both mother and child. However, with proper medical care and monitoring during the gestational, birthing and postpartum stages of the pregnancy, most birth-related injuries and conditions can be avoided.

Unfortunately, long hours, understaffing and other problems that plague the American health care system can take a toll in the delivery room and are responsible for thousands of birth injuries each year. To make matters worse, medical and insurance company lobbyists have been largely successful in their efforts to make birth injury lawsuits and other types of medical malpractice claims very difficult to win.

Learn more about your legal rights and options for filing a birth injury lawsuit in either Rhode Island or Connecticut. To schedule a free consultation, contact me online or call either of my two office locations directly. Evening, weekend and in-home appointments are available. I receive no payment of any kind for my efforts unless you receive compensation.

Obtaining the Resources Your Child
Will Need Over the Course of Their Lifetime

Cerebral palsy, brain damage, shoulder dystocia and other types of birth-related injuries impose a huge financial burden on families. In most cases, there will be permanent, ongoing health care needs and significant quality of life issues as well. When these injuries are the result of a doctor's failure to carefully monitor for signs of fetal distress or to perform a C-section in a timely fashion, I have the experience, financial resources and access to experts it will take to hold them accountable.

As a lawyer, I understand the issues my clients are facing and do all I can to protect their interests. Because most medical malpractice cases do not settle out of court, I work with well-qualified physicians and other medical specialists to evaluate the medical records and to prepare these cases for trial from the outset. As part of that process, I also involve other experts as needed, including economists, accountants and professional life care planners to develop an accurate assessment of the financial needs.

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Free Consultations — No Fee Without Compensation
Rhode Island / Connecticut:

For a free consultation and an honest evaluation of any birth injury-related legal claims you may have — call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley. I am available to meet with you in the evening, on the weekend or in your own home. I expect no payment for any of my efforts unless I obtain compensation on your behalf.