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Workers' Compensation

Rhode Island and Connecticut
Workers' Compensation Claims

The workers' compensation systems in both Connecticut and Rhode Island are designed to benefit employees and employers alike. Employers receive protection from expensive, time-consuming civil lawsuits. Injured employees get full medical coverage and a steady source of income while they recuperate.

Like other government bureaucracies, however, neither system is easy to understand or navigate. Making claims more difficult is the fact that workers' compensation insurance carriers are generally not as helpful as they could be when injured workers file a claim. To obtain the benefits you need, when you need them — I urge you to consider talking to a lawyer about your case.

Your employer's workers' comp insurance carrier probably hasn't told you about all of the available benefits you could claim. I will. My name is Michael Bradley and I have been actively practicing law in Rhode Island and Connecticut for nearly 25 years. Talk to me about your workplace injury and find out what I can do to help. The consultation is free. Call either of my office locations or contact me online to arrange the time and place.

Obtaining the Benefits You Deserve

Because the workers' compensation systems of Rhode Island and Connecticut each have their own rules and benefits, there is no way for me to tell exactly what benefits you are eligible for until we have had a chance to meet and discuss your case. For instance, if your injuries have left you with a permanent scar, you might be able to obtain additional benefits — but only if your claim is in Rhode Island. Even with benefits the two systems share in common, there can be major differences in what those benefits are worth.

The important point here is that I know both of these workers' compensation systems very well and can help you to take full advantage of every available benefit you are eligible to receive.

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Free Consultations — No Fee Unless I Win
Rhode Island / Connecticut:

Whether you work in an industrial, manufacturing, retail or office environment, if you have been injured in an on-the-job accident — call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley, for a free consultation. If I fail to win, you pay nothing. If I do win, any fees I receive are limited by statute and must be approved by the court.