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Truck Accidents

Experienced Legal Representation for
Truck Accident Victims in Rhode Island and Connecticut

Truck accidents are complicated and devastating events. On the human side, people lucky enough to survive their collisions are still left with permanent, life-changing injuries. Others, not so fortunate, are left with gaping holes in their families. Nearly all are at a complete loss over just when, where and how to start rebuilding their lives.

The legal realities associated with truck wrecks are no less complicated. And because of that, the sooner an experienced lawyer can begin investigating the accident, reconstructing it, preserving evidence and doing whatever else is necessary to protect his or her client's rights — the better that client's chances of obtaining fair compensation will be.

If you have been injured or have recently lost a family member in a Rhode Island or Connecticut trucking accident— I can help. My name is Michael Bradley and I have been helping the people and families of this area with cases like yours since 1985. To schedule a free consultation, contact me online, call my Rhode Island office at 401-596-0808, or call my Connecticut office at 860-866-2800.

Fighting for You

Aside from the difficulty of piecing the sequence of events back together and reconstructing what happened — accidents involving large commercial trucks, 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers also involve a complex web of state and federal truck industry regulations. Complicating matters further can be multiple defendants, multiple insurance carriers and jurisdictional questions.

Taking all this into account, many people assume that they need to have a large firm representing them if they want to get a fair result. Not true. More lawyers, more staff and more overhead is not a recipe for guaranteed success.

A solo attorney for nearly 20 years now, I know the regulations governing the trucking industry as well as any large firm. I have proven my skill at dealing with complicated insurance issues and at finding alternative and additional sources of coverage. I have developed the financial resources and expert contacts needed to obtain the results my clients deserve.

Most important, you can count on me to fight for you and not give up.

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Rhode Island / Connecticut:

For a free consultation and an honest evaluation of your potential claims — call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley. Evening, weekend and in-home appointments are available.