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Tool & Product Injuries

Power Tool Injuries and Other
Accidents Caused by Defective Products

Products of any and every type — whether intended for home, commercial or industrial use — are expected to be designed and manufactured so that they can be safely used for both their intended use, and for other, reasonably foreseeable uses as well. In fact, even a handgun is expected to incorporate safety features that are designed to minimize the risk of accidental injuries and deaths.

And when someone is injured because of product design flaws, manufacturing defects or a lack of clear warnings regarding a product's dangers, the law gives victims and surviving family members the right to seek compensation from the responsible parties.

If you or a family member has been injured by a dangerous or defective product — I can help. My name is Michael Bradley and I have been helping people injured by power tools, appliances, heavy machinery and other products for nearly 25 years. I offer free consultations and encourage you to call or contact me in Rhode island or Connecticut so that we can meet to talk about your injuries and potential claims.

Personal Experience With Tool Injuries,
Professionally Experienced in Both States

I know from personal experience that not all products are as safe as they could be. Years ago, I lost several fingers in a tool-related accident. I still live with the effects of those injuries every day, but I also believe they serve as a unique asset in my personal injury practice.

Generally speaking, defective product lawsuits are time-consuming and expensive to pursue — primarily because defendants and their insurance companies want the floodgates to hundreds or thousands of other lawsuits to stay shut.

Unlike many solo lawyers, I have developed the financial resources and expert contacts required to succeed with cases involving this complex area of personal injury law. Unlike high-volume settlement mills and large firm "litigation machines" — I do not take on more cases than I can reasonably handle and I give my clients and their cases the time and attention they deserve.

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Free Consultations — No Fee Without Compensation
Rhode Island / Connecticut:

Take action to protect your legal right to seek financial compensation. Call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley, for a free consultation and an honest evaluation of the strength of your case.