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Car Accidents

Experienced Legal Help for Car Accident
Victims in Rhode Island and Connecticut

There are two big mistakes to avoid after a car accident. The first involves not seeking immediate medical attention or, along those same lines, not following the medical advice given to you by your doctor. When people fail to do either of these things, the connection between the car accident and the injuries suffered because of it begins to disintegrate and will almost certainly be challenged by the insurance company.

The second major mistake involves waiting too long to contact a lawyer. This can create a number of problems. Evidence at the scene of the collision may disappear. Witnesses become harder to identify and track down. Victims can be talked into saying things that hurt their own case or into settling cases before the true extent and cost of their injuries is known.

For an experienced attorney who can protect your rights after a car accident and who will fight to obtain fair compensation on your behalf — contact me, attorney Michael Bradley. Schedule a free consultation today by calling either of my two office locations. In Rhode Island, you can reach me at 401-596-0808. In Connecticut, call 860-866-2800. I am available for evening, weekend and in-home appointments.

How I Can Help

First, whether your have suffered minor injuries, catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one — I can help. I do not "cherry pick" cases or refuse good cases simply because the damages aren't significant enough.

In general, my work includes:

  • Attacking and resolving potential insurance issues early on in the process
  • Protecting you from insurance companies who would like nothing more than to talk you into signing a release or into making a statement that would hurt your own case
  • Keeping the lines of communication open with regard to insurance claims
  • Investigating and reconstructing the accident, independently
  • Preserving and documenting evidence
  • Identifying, locating and obtaining witness statements
  • Helping you obtain workers' compensation benefits (work-related car accidents)

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Free Consultations — No Fee Without Compensation
Rhode Island / Connecticut:

Protect your legal rights to recover financial compensation after an auto wreck or SUV rollover. Call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley, for a free consultation.