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Boating Accidents

Obtaining Fair Compensation
After a Serious Boating Accident

Boating, swimming and other water-related recreational activities are a great source of pleasure for many people who live in, or visit, the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Unfortunately, there are a number of recreational boaters and personal watercraft users who don't know the rules or who don't seem to have any regard for the health and safety of others.

Alcohol plays a significant role in most boating accidents. Excessive speed and a general lack of knowledge about what to do in an emergency situation are common factors as well. In any case, the sooner an experienced lawyer can begin unraveling what happened, preserving evidence and taking other steps to protect their injured clients — the better that client's chances to obtain fair compensation will be.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a Rhode Island or Connecticut boating accident — I can help. My name is Michael Bradley and I can fight for the compensation you and your family deserve today, just as I have for many others over the last 25 years. To schedule a free consultation, call either of my two office locations directly or contact me online.

Rhode Island and Connecticut Boating Accidents

As an attorney, I can help you to pursue compensation for medical expenses, wage losses and a number of other economic and non-economic damages. This area of my practice includes:

  • Wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of drowning victims
  • Boating accidents involving alcohol and intoxicated drivers
  • Accidents involving Jet-skis, Wave-runners and other types of personal watercraft (including defective product lawsuits)
  • Accidents involving privately-owned boats (power boats, yachts, et al.)
  • Commercial boating accidents (including injuries suffered on cruise ships, ferries and fishing charters)
  • Accidents involving swimmers, snorkelers and others, in or out of the water

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Free Consultations — No Fee Without Compensation
Rhode Island / Connecticut:

Protect your legal right to recover financial compensation for injuries and other losses you've suffered in connection with a boat wreck. Call or contact me, attorney Michael Bradley, for a free consultation and an honest evaluation of the strength of your case.